Track Conversations With Social Media Monitoring

Social Media Listening

Social Media Sentiment Analysis

Monitor and Measure Social Mentions

Track Conversations Around Your Brand With Social Media Monitoring

Easily monitor how your audience feels about your brand with sentiment analysis, advanced social media monitoring, and reporting. Easily organize millions of conversations on social by labeling comments and posts.

Social media listening

Monitor conversations across social media by tracking the keywords that matter to your business. Zero in on brand advocates to understand how they’re influencing your audiences. Ensure all your community’s posts are answered and on time.

Understand what sparks conversations

Know who’s mentioning your brand

Monitor keywords of your choice on Facebook and Twitter to understand which topics are important to your audience. Filter conversations by topic, query, country or language to instantly see the discussions that are most relevant to you. See how conversations evolve over time to stay up-to-date with your audience. Know how your community is interacting with your Page by seeing who mentioned a given keyword most frequently.

Partner up with the most influential people mentioning your brand to amplify your messaging. See a distribution of mentions by country to detect where you have the most loyal audience.

Organize comments by sentiment labels to get an overview of how your brand is perceived. Be more efficient in customer care by responding to your community faster. Report on your progress to keep an eye on how your marketing efforts affect brand sentiment.

Quickly sort thousands of posts on social media with a simple sentiment analysis and labeling system. Increase the positive perception of your business and drive more customer engagement by creating content people will love.

Avoid emerging crises before they spin out of control. Identify, analyze, and predict trends to shape your brand image in exactly the way you want. Effortlessly report on how your brand sentiment changes over time to the wider marketing team.

Social media sentiment analysis

Know how your audience feels about your content through advanced sentiment analysis and easily discover how to create the content they will love. Label and analyze the sentiment behind every discussion, comment, or post to be able to respond in the right way and spot any potential crises before they happen.

Take control of your brand image

Save time with an easy labeling system

Track sentiment evolution with ease

“Before Ausmarketing, we had to find cool pages and then go through their content one by one and try to see what’s working and what isn’t in terms of content. Now we can just search a keyword or phrase and find all of the best content around any topic. Ausmarketing makes content creation a lot easier for us.”

Javier Lastarria
Head of Digital Marketing

Monitor and measure social mentions

See the mostdata behind conversations happening around your brand on Facebook and Twitter. See where your brand excels and know where you need to pay more attention. Add order to conversations by applying sentiment labels.

Streamline community workflow

Stay on top of conversations and the sentiment behind them by using custom labels. Get notified the second your Page receives comments, posts or messages. Leave no customer query or concern behind by distributing tasks to your team members.

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