Simple & Smart Social Media Management

Analyse Social Channels & Benchmark Performance

Optimise Your Social Media Performance

Simplify Influencer Management With Automation

Measure ROI and Manage Your Ad Spend

Simple & Smart Social Media Management

Manage your social media accounts and their performance all from one integrated platform built for large teams. Streamline how you work and plan to optimize your social media marketing.

Analyze your social channels & benchmark their performance

Turn your social media data into actionable insights for every team in your marketing department. Analyze your audience to build a better strategy, your content to create better designs, and your advertising performance to improve ad costs. Benchmark your organic and paid social media, videos performance, and track Facebook Live videos for any Page.

Understand your audiences

Analyze your content

Benchmark where you stand

Learn about your audience by integrating your digital and social media data. See their interests, page affinities, and demographics visualized in one place. Manage social media using AI defined customer personas to target your posts, personalize content, and improve ROI.

Turn data into actionable marketing intelligence using social media analytics. Get an overview of your performance across social media platforms. Measure the effectiveness of your paid and organic content. Report on your progress and make decisions based on AI recommendations that are tailored to your business.

Give more context to your strategy by benchmarking all your organic and paid activity. Always know that you’re spending enough to stay competitive in your market and reach your targets every time. See how your ad spend compares to the industry, region or country – same with your organic posts and videos.

Make publishing easier by using AI recommendations to know the ideal times to post or start your Live broadcasts. Give your content more visibly by maximizing your organic impressions to reach as many fans as possible.

Use AI to simplify budget management on social media. Predict future engagement based on your content quality to know which posts to boost and where to save your money. Benchmark your Facebook ad spend to make smarter investments, and improve your social media ROI.

Know what content sparks conversation in your industry across social media platforms. Always have billions of social media posts accessible at your fingertips to simplify the management of your content strategy.

Optimize your social media performance

Manage social media accounts smarter by using AI to discover what posts to promote, when to publish them, and which audience segments to target. Optimize your budget and deliver content that resonates with your audiences better.

Know when to post

Optimize your ads budget

Know what to post

“Performance Prediction in Ausmarketing allows us to invest in content that will have an impact. Using Ausmarketing in combination with other tools has increased our conversions by 20% in just one year.”

Carlos Barrera Marketing Manager

Manage social media publishing across your teams

Reduce the time it takes to plan and execute your strategy. Post to all your social media channels from one simple interface and manage your content across multiple profiles in one collaborative calendar. Gain a clear oversight of what’s been published, what’s coming up next, and what still needs to be approved – on desktop or on mobile for when you’re on the move.

Post across social media

Target your customer personas through dark posts

Organize all your marketing in one calendar

Remove bottlenecks and scale your marketing operations. Simplify your workflow by posting to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google+ from one publishing platform – available for as many users as your global team needs.

Save time and resources by automating your targeting with a click of a button for all your organic or dark posts. Personalize content for your customer personas and distribute it to the right audience segments using one integrated marketing solution.

Take control of your marketing by bringing it all together into one calendar. Know exactly what’s scheduled, what needs your approval, and what needs to be edited. Preview each post before it’s published to see how it will look on mobile or desktop. Have every post labeled automatically so you can evaluate your campaigns even quicker.

Use AI to determine which influencers you should partner up with based on how well they match your audience personas. If you’re looking for someone specific, search the millions-large influencer database to find the brand advocates you’re looking for.

Manage social media influencer campaigns by tracking the most critical metrics in one dashboard. Always have performance and business outcomes in your sight to avoid working with influencers who are inefficient or have fake followers.

Simplify influencer management with automation

Automate how you work with influencers. Choose influencers that are most compatible with your audience based on AI recommendations. Easily gauge their engagement and track their KPIs when managing your social media influencer campaigns.

Make influencer discovery easier

Track key influencer metrics

“We use Ausmarketing to better understand what we do, to better understand our results, and to improve through data what we will do in the future.”

Borja Castresana
Chief Marketing Officer

Measure ROI and manage your ad spend

Calculate ROI by attributing your digital and social activity to business goals. Create customized dashboards and reports to visualize your impact on the business. Give context to your advertising spend – see how it measures up against your industry, country or region.

Customize dashboards the way you want it

Track ads metrics and conversions

Benchmark your ROI

Display exactly what you need to prove the value of your social media campaigns. Integrate third party data with social media all in one customizable dashboard.

Get a quick overview of your overall ad spend as well as key KPIs like Cost-per-Click and Cost-per-Engagement. Manage your budget smarter by seeing the impact of social media on digital goals like website traffic and conversions.

Know that your advertising ROI is enough to compete in your industry, region or country. Be confident that you’re spending smarter and where your money will have the best results. Access up-to-date advertising benchmarks to adjust your spending and meet your business goals.

Manage all roles and responsibilities to set your team up for success. Streamline your processes and clearly define tasks so everyone on your team is aligned on expectations.

See what’s happening within your community with notifications to respond quickly. Assign posts for approval to reduce errors, save time, and work more efficiently.

End inefficiencies in your workflow with an easily customizable approval system. Oversee and manage all your content on desktop or on mobile. Keep your team on the same page and control your editorial process in one easy to navigate calendar.

Flexible internal and agency collaboration

Have your team work as one and bring your social media efforts together. Easily assign tasks, approve posts on desktop or on mobile and manage a cross-platform content calendar across teams and departments. Stay on top of your community management, respond faster, and ensure all customer queries are answered on time.

Assign team roles

Simplify community care

Simplify your approval process

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