Agile Delivery

Project Recovery

Marketing Strategy & Roadmap Planning

Website Design

Immediately impress your visitors with a website that earns trust, demonstrates authority, conveys your expertise, and track record of success.


“Before working with AMA, less than 10% of our new business came from the Internet. Today, the majority of our new clients call us directly after visiting our website.”

Digital Advertising

Maximise your firm’s online exposure and attract new clients with targeted advertising in search engines like Google, and social media platforms like Facebook.

Search Engine Optimization

Potential clients are searching the Internet for representation and by improving your organic search engine rankings, you’re putting your firm in the best position to capture new cases.

Content & Social Media Marketing

Provide high-quality content that engages potential clients on social media, and positions your law firm as the authority in your practice area.

Online Reputation Monitoring

Your reputation is your business. By monitoring online reviews of your practice, you ensure your firm is always in the best position to capture new cases.

Live Chat Services

Never miss a potential case again. Make your practice accessible to clients 24/7 with live, US-based chat specialists who know your firm and your practice area.

Video Marketing

Capture the attention of potential clients through engaging online videos, client testimonials, and targeted video ads.

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