In 2020, companies in the U.S. will spend $80 billion on search engine optimization (SEO) marketing, according to a report from Borrell Associates. With that kind of money in play, we know everyone is chasing after the holy grail of internet marketing: organic search traffic. And
Your website’s appearance can make or break a transaction. If it isn’t attractive, up-to-date or user-friendly, consumers will be quick to look elsewhere. You need your site to both make a great impression on potential customers and provide an easy and satisfying user experience (UX). Modern
As 2018’s Marketing Academy scholars graduate from their 10 month program, Marketingasks Hannah Sturrock to share some insight into what happens when some of Australia’s best marketers collide. A funny thing happened in March 2018. 30 clever and ambitious people from competing agencies and brands, were thrown together
Local online advertising for businesses has been a red-hot topic for a while now, and it is something your business can no longer afford to ignore. It takes time to create a strong local advertising presence online, but the tools available to get your business message
We looked at 10 industries to find out how CX is evolving. What we found: More technology, more speed and higher expectations will force companies to evolve or be left behind.​ ​If you want to know what the future of customer experience will look like, just
Nowadays, we can’t deny the importance of having a website for business. It does not only make it easier for people to find a business, but it is also important for increasing brand awareness. Also, having a website will also make it easier for people
Let’s face it – traditional institutes have been rapidly losing their relevance and digital enterprises are taking over swiftly. The internet has empowered organizations by providing an ocean of opportunities across the spectrum and centralizing the infrastructure that collates various platforms. Meanwhile, there exist numerous
People browsing sites are less likely to stop if they aren't pulled in from the get-go According to Experience Dynamics, 52 percent of users said a bad mobile experience made them less likely to engage with a company while 79 percent of people who don’t like what they
Brands today drive engagement and brand loyalty with their customers using a wealth of strategies, tools and technologies. Emerging technologies like voice and artificial intelligence provide new ways for consumers to interact with companies and for companies to interact with consumers, respectively. Delivering an omnichannel
It's not cheap to build a mobile app, so IT pros should do their research first. Here's how to determine the cost and discover which tools and trends your organization should adopt. Organizations that decide to build a mobile app -- either for their employees or