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Marketing Strategy & Roadmap Planning

Website Design & Development

Most healthcare websites are poorly designed and leave a bad impression with potential patients. As a result of an unsatisfactory user experience, people unfairly assume the worst about your healthcare organisation and look elsewhere for medical care.

“The things you wish you knew and could present as data is visible every single day. What’s great about AMA is we can always see conversions happening in real time and get feedback to keep it on the right track. And that’s the most valuable return on investment we could ask for.”

User Experience

Patient experience is a top priority at your hospital, so why not make your website’s experience a priority as well? People expect websites that are mobile friendly, easy to use and present information clearly and concisely. When a website is clunky, cumbersome, and cluttered, they lose faith in your brand. AMA’S industry-leading healthcare marketing team brings your website to life with cutting-edge user experience and design that successfully engages your potential and current patients.

Landing Pages & Microsites

Your online marketing strategy doesn’t end with ad placement. Successful healthcare campaigns attract new visitors, but great landing pages engage and drive viewers to take action.


With experienced web designers, content writers, site conversion specialists, our team knows how to develop unique landing pages and microsites that deliver the right message to a specific audience.

Hosting Solutions

There’s nothing more disturbing than getting a text in the middle of the night saying that the site is down. Get a secure, reliable and safe hosting solution so you can sleep restfully knowing that your site is up.

Digital Advertising

What if your ads appeared when people needed your healthcare organisation most? With our paid digital advertising experts, you get a plan designed to help you target more of your ideal patients. That means you get better leads for your healthcare organisation.

Online Reputation Monitoring

Most people trust online reviews like they trust recommendations from a friend. But negative reviews can be damaging to your brand. Online reputation monitoring puts you in control of online reviews, giving you a plan to leverage loyal patients and a path to convert critics.

Content & Social Media Marketing

Do people in your community see your organisation as the go-to healthcare or hospital resource? By creating a consistent, engaging social media and content marketing plan, our team develops a proven strategy to maximise your online presence and accessibility — especially to those most in need.

Video Marketing

Did you know that over 80% of marketers use video? By integrating video marketing into your overall strategy, people get a better look at your healthcare organisation. Prospects are able to “see” what you do before they visit, and current patients understand more of the services you provide.

Search Engine Optimization

People search online for the healthcare services your organization offers, but do you appear on the first page of their search results? If not, your healthcare organization is missing out on an opportunity to help patients in need.

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