See What Sparks Engagement Through Content Analysis

Content Curation & Discovery

Content Publishing & Promotion Recommendations

Performance Benchmarks & Competitive Insights

Social Listening & Sentiment Analysis

See What Sparks Engagement Through Content Analysis

We use AI and data to enhance your content strategy. We discover new ideas for your social media posts and get smart recommendations on the best publishing times. We access in-depth content analytics and benchmarks to gather intelligence across channels.

Content Curation & Discovery

We use smart tools to get unlimited content ideas in the largest searchable library of social media posts and use them to fuel your creativity. We personalise your content based on your audience interests or track influencers they trust to discover content you can curate. We leverage social listening to find engaging user-generated content (UGC) and trending topics.

Discover the best social media content

Curate content from influencers and publishers

Publish to multiple platforms from one place

We have access to the industry’s largest library of top-performing content pieces across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. We find what content your personas love or search posts by keyword, platform, format, industry, and interactions. Save the most inspiring posts to fuel your own creativity in the future.

We amplify the success of your top-performing content by getting an instant overview of your best posts so you can recycle them later. Monitor brand Pages and influencers to discover relevant content to curate and learn about their most successful posts Leverage listening to discover engaging user generated
content and trending conversations you can join.

Save time by posting your content to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google+ from a single platform. We use AI to publish when your audience is most active to maximize content visibility and engagement. We organize and schedule your posts with a visual calendar to keep your team on the same page.

We get custom recommendations for the ideal moment to publish and start Live broadcasts, tailored to your Facebook profiles. We maximize your organic reach and visibility for each of your posts to connect with as many fans as possible.

We use algorithms to grade the quality of your organic content, from A+ to D, to know exactly which posts to promote on Instagram and Facebook. We increase engagement, benchmark your Facebook ad spend results to make smarter paid social media investments and improve your social media ROI

Content Publishing & Promotion Recommendations

We take guesswork out of your content marketing activities with smart content publishing and promotion recommendations. We always know the best time to post on Facebook for your business each day and week. We spend money on posts that are estimated to get the most engagement with your audience.

Publish your posts at the optimal time

Pomote only your top-performing content

“Before AMA’s smart tools , we had to find cool pages and then go through their content one by one and try to see what’s working and what isn’t in terms of content. Now we can just search a keyword or phrase and find all of the best content around any topic. AMA makes content creation a lot easier for us.”

Javier Lastarria
Head of Digital Marketing

Content Analysis & Measurement

We analyse your content performance across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, and VK. Monitor all the key performance metrics using a single platform to ensure your content marketing strategy delivers results. Stay ahead of the game by comparing your performance against the competition.

Track and measure your social media content

Automate and simplify your content analysis

See how your content stacks up to the competition

We analyze the performance of your content across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, and VK. Take a deep dive into your reach, interaction types, and most successful posts to understand how users are responding to your content. Find out how effectively you’re engaging your audience by measuring the volume of interactions per 1,000 fans.

We analyze entire campaigns at a single click of a button. We easily create custom rule-based labels and have algorithms tag and analyze your posts at scale. We help to gain deeper insight into your content and know exactly where you can improve.

We help you understandd how your content performance stacks up to the competition. Create head-to-head Facebook comparisons to see how your strategy measures up against your main rivals. Compare up to 10 pages to see how you fit into the bigger picture.

Use competitive metrics to understand your video performance in the context of your market. Know your videos are outcompeting your rivals and add strength to your video strategy using never-before-seen video view insights.

See how your Facebook advertising spend compares to the market. View your ad spend in context across the most important metrics of total spend performance (Total Spend), engagement metrics (Impressions, Click Through Rate and Actions), advertising costs (Cost per Click, Mile and Action), and content performance (Relevance Score and Frequency).

Compare the performance of up to 10 social media profiles at once and see how you stack up against your competitors. Have complete overview reports ready for your meetings within seconds.

Performance Benchmarks & Competitive Insights

View your Facebook video and ad spend performance across industries, countries, and regions. Ensure your video strategy is actually working and that your advertising investments count. Understand your performance in context by measuring yourself against the deepest set of industry and competitor benchmarks on organic and paid social media.

Add context to your video measurement

Know the efficiency of your Facebook ad spend

Compare yourself against your key competitors

“Ausmarketing helps us make decisions in real time, compare, benchmark, and analyze all the information and important KPIs to make decisions, take action, and increase our numbers.”

Andrea Galli
Global Digital Marketing Advisor – DAT Manager

Social Listening & Sentiment Analysis

Monitor what people are saying about your brand and inspire new conversations that provide more value to your audience. See every Facebook Page post and tweet about any set of keywords or topics that interest you.

Follow trends

Monitor keywords and topics

Understand brand sentiment

Identify Influencers

Spot trends early so you can respond to the market faster. Understand what topics your audience cares about today and how your brand can become a part of that conversation.

Search for keywords across Facebook and Twitter, and filter them by topic, query, country or language. Keep up to date on trending topics to stay relevant and maintain credibility.

Make informed decisions based on user sentiment to know how you can improve your responses to comments and mentions.

See who mentioned a given keyword or query most frequently to understand the influential community members interacting with your page. Take action to leverage their powerful voices.

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