Get Closer to Your Customers

Unify your digital audience data

Discover your customer personas

Automate and sharpen your targeting

Find influencers your audience trusts

Get Closer to Your Customers With Advanced Audience Analysis

Turn audience analysis into a single-step process to better understand your audiences. Let AI define your buyer personas, identify what content they engage with, their interests, and influencer they trust.

Unify your social media and digital audience data

Simplify your audience analysis by consolidating omnichannel data in one place. Add machine learning to your arsenal to map the complex relationship between audience interests, affinities, content, and ad costs.

Integrate your omnichannel audience data

Keep up with your audience

Define your buyer personas based on unified social media and digital data. Save time with step by step audience analysis. Instantly aggregate your audience interactions, activities, and interests in one dashboard.

Adjust your strategy as your personas evolve using up-to-date audience data. Leverage those audience insights across your marketing organization to adapt your approach and stay relevant to your target segments.

Build your strategy based oncustomer personas defined by dynamic digital dataaccessible at any time. Save resources spent on audience analysis for your marketing campaigns and easily compare your current and past data.

Know exactly what interests and behaviors unite your personas. Learn what pages they like,what content they want to see, and which influencers they follow.Measure how your audiences differ from one another across digital and how they change as your campaigns unfold.

Discover your customer personas using AI

Automate how you create your buyer personas across channels and learn how they evolve over time. Provide the right content to the right audience and at the right moment.

Define your personas based on reliable data

Track their interests and affinities

“Ausmarketing is an invaluable asset for competitive reporting. We are able to easily get an overview of the marketplace and identify best performing content from our immediate competitors as well as top social media brands within our market so we always know where we stand.”

Rod Strother
VP of Digital Experience


Automate and sharpen your targeting

Learn who, when, where, and with what content to target. Ensure your content is personalized and always delivered to your audience personas at the right location and time. Increase the number of post impressions and video views by streaming Live when your audiences are online.

Automate your workflow

Target your personas with precision

Reach your audiences at the right time

Estimate your ads costs

Simplify your day-to-day routine and save valuable time by automating
your targeting
. Within a click of a button set precise Facebook targeting parameters for each of your personas based on their industry, interests, affinities, age, location, and language.

Make spot-on targeting decision using AI-powered targeting recommendations for your audience personas – for both organic and paid social media. Automatically label all posts your personas see to track campaign effectiveness and measure the ROI of social media.

Be confident you’re posting at the best possible time. Sit back while machine learning studies your audience engagement over time to predict when you should schedule your Facebook posts or stream Live for
greater visibility

Invest smarter by benchmarking how much you should spend
to reach your target audiences depending on their location. Use AI
recommendations to allocate your budget on posts
that will bring the most results for your business.

Stay in the know of what your audience engages with the most. Discover the top content for your buyer personas across social media channels, industries, and countries.

Distribute your advertising budget more efficiently by knowing what you’ll need to spend to gain more market share. Use the right content to target your personas based on their interests and behaviors to improve cost-effectiveness and engagement.

Uncover what your audiences actually find engaging

Build a successful content marketing machine by employing AI to do the hard work. Focus on your audience and provide only the most relevant content tailored to their exact values, interests, and needs.

Know what to post on social media

Target the right persona profiles with the right budget

“Inspiration in Ausmarketing allows us to see how other brands or companies in our industry are performing. It’s a great tool for discovery. We can easily find content that works and build on that success in our own work.”

Carlos Barrera
Marketing Manager

Find influencers your audience trusts

Save time – have AI pair your audience personas with ideal influencers. Choose influencers not only based on their audience size, but also on their effectiveness and ability to engage their followers.

Partner up with the right influencers

Track influencer engagement

Identify influencers that your buyer personas trust and leverage their engagement for your brand. Use AI recommendations or search the database of millions of influencer profiles to pinpoint the ones you should work with.

Stay on top of your influencer marketing campaigns. Follow the key influencer engagement metrics alongside all your marketing activities. Report on any influencer’s effectiveness and visualize how they help you meet your business goals.

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